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I just went to go see Sherlock Holmes on Saturday.


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holy shit
im getting a sitar for christmas

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oh wow
i really haven't
written a journal
in a while

so much has been
happening to me lately;
most of them very good

i've started working on some stuff for the orchestra im in
so i barely have
any free time anymore

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i went out with one of my close friends for the last time because
she's part of the german embassy
and she's moving to india on tuesday.
i'm going to miss her a lot.
we went out to a nice little café downtown and
had baked treats and cappuccinos,
then we walked around the market

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i was away at a rainbow festival near my town this weekend
and it was so much fun!
i met some truly AMAZING people there :) :heart:

then i got really sick :(
i'm still sick
but i think i'm on my way to recovering.

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my college is having a photography contest
some of my friends are urging me to join
but i'm not sure what to photograph

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i'm always so busy
sometimes, i just want to stop time
and just slow myself down

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i had to walk to the store
in -30 degree Celsius weather
it was brutal;
especially how i had to jay-walk
across one of the busiest streets
in my city

ugh it was terrible

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ugh i really hurt my thumb
i was washing my hands in a restroom at some thrift store
and as i was turning off the tap,
my hand slipped
and the purple/pink part of my nail ripped
(aka the non-white part that's stuck to my finger)
and it stabbed the skin under my nail
and it was bleeding and everything
i had a huge bandage on it today
then some kid slammed the door open
which hit my thumb
and it started bleeding and hurting again!

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a good friend of mine
turned out to be a total jerk
however, i've made a group
of seriously amazing friends
because of that
and i love them so much
that i think my heart
is going to explode


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